Rhetorical Analysis: for dummies

Right off the back, I want to share that this chapter of Good Reasons is a great way to conclude everything we learned in our writing class, because it: 1. provides me a better understanding of what is expected in my college writing as a rhetorical writer  and 2. draws themes from readings throughout the session. I found it very helpful that the authors broke down “rhetorical analysis” to it’s simplest terms, and even added the history behind the many words included in this method of writing. Just like Tracy Ore presented, to get a more wholesome understanding of the argument and gain awareness and appreciation of the text, one must use critical thinking. Rather than reacting immediately to a claim, stop and study what the person is trying to get across and where they are coming from – recommend by authors Chris Mooney, Faigley, and Selzer. One neat thing this chapter did was providing an example rhetorical analysis of Leslie Marmon Silko’s “The Border Patrol State.” Even though I did not read it, I feel like I have enough information to write a short paper on her argument by the end of the chapter. The emphasis on the contextual analysis of her article really convinced me that Silko had a hidden agenda when she published her writing. Yes, she is arguing against the illegal and unethical treatment of her people by the United States Government, but she is also attacking policies: the Contract for America and Proposition 187. Which deliberately exemplifies what rhetoric means; the effective use of communication by production and understanding. 

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