My Fancy Pants Review of Duchamp’s Fountaine

Bonjour mes amis. Aujourd’hui je vais à la Louvre….As I looked around the same boring room, looking at the same boring stuff everyone praises as art, I was suddenly struck dumb. I caught myself staring at this porcelain, off-white piece – turning my head and breaking my neck to see – that resembled pretty much what I just used in the lavatory. It was cleaner than the one I used, except for the simple stroke signature on the side, and gave off a certain aurora that the one I used could never possess. I walked closer to hear the comments of the crowd emerging around this piece. One lady bellowed that it was “outrageously disrespectful,” and in response, another man told her to shut up. The waves of different emotions were intoxicating and oh so delightful. Never have I ever felt so drawn to a piece so wittingly constructed and serves as such a crowd attraction – like the Mona Lisa. Whoever R. Mutt is, believe me when I saw, ce l’homme est le plus intelligent artist of this decade and I highly advise you, mes amis,to go experience the Urinal.



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