Proposal {take 2}

Even though I said I wanted to branch out from my usual themes of issues, I found so many discussions on gender inequality that the temptation was deadly. The Always “Like a girl” ad has received a ton of positive reviews, but the first article I clicked on was negative. This changed my idea of who exactly the rhetors are in this conversation. Of course women, young ladies, teenagers, and little girls are stakeholders in this conversation, as well as the opposite sex, but I feel like it is corporate discussion as well. The negative review from The Daily Beast says that there are similar ads on gender inequality and women’s identity from other companies like Dove, Virginia Slims, and HelloFlo. Apparently there is a way this video was presented that left a sour taste in some people’s mouths. The issue is also very important to think about when half of the population is generalized in losing confidence by three small words. Plus, with the possibility of our first female president in a couple of years could also have some effect on this issue.



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