After listening to the few examples shared in class, I decided to deviate from the usual topics (race and gender) I write about and explore a whole new areas of issues. The first is the young adult violent psyche. In the past couple of years, there has been an increase in young adult suicides due to bullying and deadly school/ university shootings. Being both a young adult and just entering college, I find this issue very personal. I question my behavior and how it will affect others emotionally. Also, I constantly question the sanity of others in a place that should be mostly safe. These incidents have been thrown into the public’s face through all types of media, and even actions have been implemented, but it has not slowed down the roll of violence.

Another pressing issue is social media and its effects on society. The 21st century is undoubtedly the age of technology and social media with the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace, Buzzfeed, etc. boom. Even though more and more information is passing through the eyes of millions of people on numerous devices, there are groups that blame social media for injuring the minds of future generations. Face to face interaction occurs less often, personal information is available to all with a couple of clicks, new forms of bullying are growing and this only covers a small amount of offenses due to this technology.



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