Fat Shaming from Professor Collin

Thanks, But No Fatties Allowed is a trending controversy by a University of New Mexico psychologist who told obese applicants that they did not have the willpower to become successful PhDs. Professor Collin gives his two cents on this twitter post on his personal blog and makes his point coming from the view of a once very overweight individual. Logically, Collin shares that he does not agree with Geoffrey Miller’s tweet and reveals his life story when he was well overweight, but he uses it as a way to combat Miller’s stand on the lack of “willpower” obese people have. Collin argued that there is more than one “willpower” and that he was able to write his whole dissertation in less than three months as an overweight person. Context wise, Collin used his credibility as a university professor in Rhetoric and Writing to place himself on the same level as Collin and develop his own thought on what it means to be obese and try to convert it to awareness. The past view readings we have had all try to persuade the reader to think in a new way and become more aware of our on doings and what certain topics mean to society. I guess from this blog, I was not necessarily interested in the comment made, but how Collins used the comment as a way to critically think of his life and apply it to this incident to form new knowledge and ideas of everyday things like Big and Tall clothing.



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