Owning the Middle

First, I am disappointed that this is the first time I am hearing anything about Brittney Griner and her life story. I believe that as a female African American athlete, I should be up to date on these issues so I can support. Griner’s story of struggle and pain then liberation by finding acceptance through herself, was my highlight of the text. Remembering our lesson on rhetorical questions, I noticed that this text was filled with them. From personal narrative to italics, pictures to hyperlinked phrases, ESPN’s Kate Fagan lined this text with emotional content. This strategy, of course, appealing to readers. However, the text stealthy transitioned into a greater project on the affects of sports on the different sexualities and how society has constructed their negative meaning. Fagan used Griner’s story in order to draw the public’s attention to the humiliating life one faces, but quickly regroups and tries to show that progress has been made to end this unnecessary controversy. This part was not particularly interesting to me, and I guess it is because Griner and I are not exactly on the same standpoint, but I agree that the message needs to be addressed. The last two paragraphs nicely concluded the text by returning to her personal content and uses it to leave the reader with a strong, final statement.

#personalthoughts #sexuality


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