The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality

Due to my extensive use of writing over the past two years, I naturally point out the origin, purpose, value, and limitations (OPVL) of the text I read. Hence, I am very interested in Tracy E. Ore’s purpose for writing this introduction. Initially, I thought the purpose was to structure and introduce her project to her audience and funnel their thoughts for a specific theme, but that is only scratching the surface. After completing the read, I realized the true meaning for her introduction was to spark an unpopular thought into the minds of an audience and hope it motivates a need or desire to change one’s outlook on what it means to categorize the social differences in our society.

As I read, I felt a familiar feeling – that I need to question everything I thought I knew to be true – I only experienced in my Theory of Knowledge class in high school.  As expected it scared me that the years of education are just an arbitrary reciting of information agreed to be true by the mass majority. Ore’s introduction added to the “reality check” by showing me that practically all of my beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are not generated on my own, but was inherited by institutions which are filled with bias. Then I wonder if an unbiased thought could actually exist in a world where hidden and sublime messages are sugar coated on every word and gesture spoken and unspoken.

By the end of the introduction, I was intrigued to continue reading, and hope that I will refer back to this text during my Sociology classes over the next couple of years.

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