Pigskin, Patriarchy, and Pain

First, I want to begin with acknowledging this narration for being short, concise, and entertaining; so it is a keeper. Don Sabo immediately draws the reader’s attention with the line, “I’m not in pain.” I am sad to admit, though, that his pain and suffering made me more interested in reading his story. Sabo creatively hits all three points in his title in a way that a book does not let you put it down even though it is 3:25 in the morning. Not only was his story relatable, but I felt that I was reflecting and internalizing his pain and desire for greatness. As a long time competitive volleyball player, I understand what Sabo wants to accomplish as a football player. One works as hard as possible to be the best to exceed the standard set by the politics of the sport, but never considers the physical and mental harm created till it is too late. From irreplaceable torn ligaments to life threatening health issues, the game has become a dangerous environment. Now, in terms of purpose, I am not entirely sure what Sabo is trying to convey to the reader other than it’s just a game, but I have a feeling he appreciates the experience because it made him wiser. As a side note, I was happy that I picked up on his “Death of a Salesman” reference. His story is practically the real life interpretation of Arthur Miller’s play and it only reinforced my understanding of Sabo’s pain caused by external forces.

#personalthoughts #IBhelp

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